Chanbyul Park

Artist-Designer from South Korea based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. After completing her Bachelor's studies in Industrial Design at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, she majored in Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven, where she obtained her Master's degree.

Insight into the artwork

As an Artist-Designer, I am interested in recording my perspective on the order of nature on two- or three-dimensional objects. Cubism and Impressionism are examples of ways how painters portrayed the world from their perspectives on drawings. In writing, such a portrayal is achieved through various types of literature, such as poems and novels. By researching these different ways of documenting the world, I established my unique way of recording how I interpret the world in my works. These works include paintings, objects, and graphic novels.

OSTEN BIENNIAL of DRAWING Skopje 2022 Finalist, Macedonia
<Lights and shadows>

ITSLIQUID group, Venice international art fair, 2022
<Lights and shadows>

The Holy art gallery, London 2022
<Lights and shadows>

Milan Design Week with ISOLA 2022
<Light Existence Shadow>

Royal Watercolour Societ (RWS), London 2022
<Lights and shadows>

Priveekollektie Contemporary Art |Design, Heusden 2022
<Light Existence Shadow>
<Garden of Shadow>

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2021
Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show
<Garden of Shadow>

5th Istanbul design biennial 2021

Looking for Stigmergy →
Episode I: From Underwater to Outer Space

<(In)visible Other>

ReA! art Fair, Milan 2021
<Candle painting ‘Nature of time’>

Dutch Design Week, virtulal 2021
<Light Existence Shadow>

Seoul Dance Festival, Seoul 2018
A set designer of the performance

Dance Art Festival(PADAF), Seoul 2018
A set designer of performance

Dance Art Festival(PADAF), Seoul 2018
Stage art award winner

Design convergence research center in Ewha Woman's University, Seoul 2015-2017

Graduation show, Ewha Woman’s university, Seoul 2017

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