Light Existence Shadow

Shadow is proof of existence


Research on 'Recording'
One of the interesting habits of human beings living in a three-dimensional world is that we record things on a two-dimensional plane. Diary entries, poems, business contracts, and paintings are examples of humans recording the world in a two-dimensional way. Although the formats differ, they are all activities of expressing the world on a plane. Artists in the past served their world on a plane in their unique methods. The beginning of Impressionism was the invention of paint tubes. With the convenience of transporting painting tools, many artists started to go outside to paint. Monet also went outside with paint tubes and an easel in both his hands. He captured the view he faced on a canvas. The artist put effort into reenacting the color of light changing in the process of the Sun rising and setting on the canvas. As a result, he came out with his unique style. Monet's paintings metaphorically depict the era he lived. Like this, a painting has an artist's unique method of recording that understands the change and flow of one's age. By researching these different ways of documenting the world, Chanbyul established her unique way of recording how she interprets the world.

The Way of Recording  the World: Shadow
Shadow appears through an interaction of light and an object. Light, as an immaterial substance, makes all other matters come into view. The shadow exists in all things that have mass, from the level of elephants to molecules. The Sun, the definitive light source on Earth, gifts one shadow to one object. Before the invention of artificial light sources, the shadow was the only thing that all the matters on Earth could equally take. After the creation, however, we easily face numerous lights and shadows that emerge from them. An object takes several shadows from lights coming from different directions. However, being used to this era, we need to pay attention to this fact. Shadow often seems like a trifle, and it has become natural to have it day and night. When the Sun was the only light source in the past, shadow existed in the daytime as evidence of the Sun, and humans even materialized invisible time. The cloned shadows from the cloned Sun live in the middle of the night. The shadows are not an exclusive property of midday anymore. Several shadows clearly and directly demonstrate the contrasting present to the past, and hence, are considered a typical symbol of the world we live in now.

Multiple Shadows Object
For the artist, a shadow is a two-dimensional record that is depicted from an interaction between a three-dimensional object and light. Recording a shadow on a plane and transforming it into a three-dimensional object is an effort to reenact the cycle of the dimensions. Leaving one side of the object flat implies that its original form is from the two-dimensional record.

Impressionism Object
Einstein's Theory of Relativity adds time of four-dimension to the traditional cognition of the three-dimensional world. Being influenced by Impressionism, her work includes the idea of time. I use candles instead of artificial lights to portray four-dimensional spacetime in her work. As time goes by, a candle burns down to become shorter and shorter, lengthening its own shadow sitting beside it. All these interactions are the orbit of time made by light and objects. The shadow is recorded on a plane every hour until a candle burns up and is transformed into a three-dimensional object. As a result, this object embraces the order of nature.

As time goes by, a candle burns down to become shorter and shorter, lengthening its own shadow sitting beside it. I view it as a track of time made by light and the object. The produced drawings catch all the traces around it. As a result, this series of paintings and ceramics reflect a rule of nature.

Shadow can be a decent way to understand the world.
Shadow appears from the interaction between light and existence. Generally, light is necessary to recognize existence. Therefore, light, shadow, and existence are inseparable sets, and the shadow becomes evidence of existence. As an artist, the shadow can be a tool to understand an object's relationship with other concepts. Through the work, the audience could open a new perspective by facing shadows on a desk, in a kitchen, in every moment.

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